Welcome to The Job Whisperer Podcast by Tru Talent! The podcast to help you find your perfect role. In each episode we’ll help you navigate through each step of the job hunting process. Our team of recruitment experts will provide helpful tips and insights no matter what stage you’re at, from considering a change in career, applying for new positions, interview techniques and even your first few months in your new role. We’ll be hosting a very special Q&A episode in a few weeks time, so as you listen through do please send any questions to info@tru-talent.co.uk.

Tru Talent are a creative, automotive and temporary recruitment agency based in sunny Bournemouth!

My name is Ben Price, I work in the automotive department here at Tru Talent. I look after all areas of accident repair, from body work to mechanical repairs, big or small. You can contact me at ben.price@tru-talent.co.uk

Hi, I’m Aimee! I work in temporary recruitment at Tru Talent. This covers roles from administration to construction, and even our local airports. You can contact me at aimee.wilkins@tru-talent.co.uk

Hi, I’m Ben Applin and I cover the creative, digital and marketing recruitment here at Tru Talent. We find amazing professionals to place in agency or in-house departments across many different companies. You can contact me at ben.applin@tru-talent.co.uk

In a few weeks time we’ll be recording a bonus episode with the listeners, so if there’s anything we haven’t covered for you and you want to ask, then please get in touch via our website or social pages.