Flexibility, freedom and fun! Why temporary work is becoming more and more popular. 

In episode 4, Chris & Aimee discuss the benefits of temporary work including their own experiences from selling travel packages to becoming a Christmas elf! It can also provide you with a stepping stone into becoming a full-time freelancer. 

They also reveal a few lesser-known snippets from the temporary work process, such as the fact that you don’t necessarily need a CV, you’ll usually be paid weekly and your recruiter will pay you directly.

This episode of The Job Whisperer covers: 

  • The benefits of seasonal and part-time positions
  • How to find temporary employment
  • Paperwork and pay checks
  • Holiday considerations
  • The move into freelance work

“I was an elf employee. I had the ears, I had the outfit and I had the best time ever and it paid alright too. I worked every single day from the end of November, all the way up till Christmas Eve and had the best laugh ever. I got to spend December with the big man.” Chris Morley

“We’ll just have a chat. A nice informal coffee, in our comfy chairs to hear a bit about you and what you’re looking for. I think people think it’s a bit scary, but I try and make them feel really comfortable and relaxed.” Aimee Wilkins

“We don’t have to necessarily send a CV over. One of our client’s doesn’t require one. We’ll simply have a chat and run a background check on the candidate and if we feel they would be a good fit, we’ll send them straight for an interview.” Aimee Wilkins

“People like us in agencies, we understand that actually with temporary work, the name’s in the title. It’s not forever, so it’s actually great to receive a call saying someone has found a permanent job. That’s brilliant. Thanks for what you’ve done and best of luck!” Chris Morley