You’ve landed your dream role! Congratulations! Now what…?

In episode 9, Chris and Ben discuss the next steps after receiving a job offer. They chat about ensuring it’s the correct position for you, negotiating salaries and giving notice to your current employer. 

They also touch upon receiving a counter-offer to stay in your current position, the process and paperwork required to get started and what to do if you change your mind. 

This episode of The Job Whisperer covers: 

  • Accepting the offer
  • Leaving your old position on a good note
  • Working alongside your recruiter
  • Receiving a counter-offer
  • Contracts
  • Rejecting the offer
  • Referencing

“My advice to you would be if you’re happy to wait until the dream job comes in, then do. Don’t accept the first one if it’s not right. It could leave a bad impression if you accept and then reject it later in the week. But bare in mind obviously there could be potential that someone else could come in and steal that role from you.” Ben Price

“I’ve been told to never burn any bridges unless you have too. And if you can, leave that door open. Obviously it is a job role that you’re leaving, but you never know what the future holds. They could grow a new section of their business, that you’d be perfect for and there could be an opportunity for you to go back.” Ben Price

“If the root cause of you leaving is money, and the employer offers you that, 99% of people will then stay. If it isn’t money, then an increase in salary shouldn’t make a difference. If they do stay, they’ll still be looking to leave in 3 to 6 months time.” Ben Price

“If you change your mind, be honest and get in touch. Don’t ignore people. Employers can speak to other companies, and word will get around if you are rude. It’s just a courtesy to go back and say “I’ve had a second think and it’s not really for me”. People would rather you be honest than waste everybody’s time.” Ben Price