Be different, be bold and be brave! Make sure your job application isn’t lost in the pile. 

In episode 3, Chris & Ben reveal a few examples of how candidates made themselves well-known to their potential employers – in both the right and wrong ways! They discuss the importance of identifying what skills and traits you can bring to this specific company and how they work internally to ensure you shine through.

This episode of The Job Whisperer covers: 

  • Examples of out of the box thinking
  • Being relevant for the culture and history of the company
  • Checking in on your application
  • Being considerate of time frames

‘What this candidate portrayed through the poster was both her skillset and also her creative thought process along with parts of the company’s history and brand. She bought all of that into one poster and it really was that stamp of “Hey look at me, look at what I can do, and I really understand your business!” And the MD of the company was extremely impressed.” Ben Applin

“Be bold and be brave! If you really want this job and you really want to work for this company, give yourself a bit of time to really think about how you could stand out. Think about the history and culture of the company and what skills and traits you could bring and how you could show that to them before even entering the interview process”.  Ben Applin

“Checking in once a week, I would say is probably tops. As long as you’re comfortable and confident that they have received your application, do give them time because too much bombardment of emails and phone calls is only going to put that person off”. Ben Applin