You’ve written an awesome CV, aced the interview process, accepted that job offer and now you’re heading in for your first day at that dream role!

In episode 10, Chris and Ben provide their top tips and tricks for having a successful first day at your new job. They chat about leaving a great first impression, dealing with nerves and what to do if you decide the role isn’t for you.

This episode of The Job Whisperer covers: 

  • Getting to know your team
  • Leaving a good first impression
  • Dealing with nerves
  • Understanding company culture
  • Checking in with your recruiter
  • What to do if you change your mind

“Be humble. This is important. Whatever level you go in at, be humble and willing to understand that you’re not going to have the respect of everyone immediately. That’s something to be earned.” Ben Applin

“Enjoy this day, enjoy getting to know your new colleagues and their quirks as well and really understand that everyone is different and these things do take time. It’s going to take a few days or weeks for you to settle in”. Chris Morley

“Almost everyone questions if the role is right for them in their first week. I definitely have. I’ve accepted dream jobs, turned up and gone “Oh wow, this is a bit different.” You need to give yourself some time and step back from the situation. Give it a couple of weeks and let those initial nerves fade away. Find your feet and really understand what this company is about and their team and culture.” Ben Applin

“You’re going to spend as much time with these people as you do with your family, if you’re working an eight hour day, and inevitably they’re going to have an impact on  you.” Ben Applin