Chandos Green is an award winning community fundraiser and disability & mental health campaigner. In this episode he discusses his journey of employment since recently graduating with a degree in Social Work with a disability.

In episode 7 of The Job Whisperer podcast he provides guidance and advice on career development and finding employment for those in similar situations, including the importance of being yourself, creating new opportunities and being honest and upfront with employers. 

This episode of The Job Whisperer covers: 

  • Life after graduation
  • Make sure you believe in yourself
  • Creating opportunities for yourself

“My disability and experiences gave me a level of empathy that I think social workers need and often are sometimes missing in practice.” Chandos Green

“My number one piece of advice would be just be yourself. It’s very simple but no matter what people say, if you think you can do it and you have a belief in yourself that’s all that really matters. And people may not see your vision initially, but when you’re five years down the line and succeeding, people will start to say that they should have listened or believed in you at the beginning”. Chandos Green

“I’ve used my disability in a way to help me to learn and it’s also allowed me to connect with other people by doing things like talks, where I share my life, and afterwards someone comes up to me and share theirs and pour their heart out to me. For me that is the most amazing experience because I’ve learnt so much from other people telling me about their own mental health journey”. Chandos Green

“It’s important to be honest with them about what your vulnerabilities are because they know that you’re human and you’re not going to be perfect at everything. And if they are not open to that, then obviously they’re not the right place to work for if they aren’t going to be willing to open their doors to you as an employee.” Chandos Green

“Some people have communication barriers and can’t write, but can verbalise things and love to chat and communicate with people. So an office environment might not be best for them. But put them out networking and meeting others, and they could be a great asset. I’ve had job interviews myself where they’ve said “You’re not right for this position but what about this one?” And they’ve adapted around me and my disability.” Chandos Green