Be prepared, keep eye contact, but relax! 

In episode 8, Chris and Ben provide tips and advice on the interview process – from 24 hours before, on the day, in the room, and the next day.

They discuss the importance of doing your research and being prepared, leaving a lasting impression and how to follow-up professionally and politely.

This episode of The Job Whisperer covers: 

  • The importance of research
  • Competency based questions
  • Preparation techniques
  • Leaving a lasting impression
  • Follow-up questions
  • Working with your recruiter

“Have a look at the person interviewing you on Linked In. Get a bit of background on them and learn some insight into the kind of person they are. It could be quite an ice breaker if you have something in common – for example a mutual connection that you can chat about in the interview and help you to be memorable.” Ben Price

“I think a big one which I always say to my candidates is to arrive 15 minutes early. 15 minutes early is on time for an interview, it’s as simple as that. It gives you enough time to find parking, get in there ready and have a drink. It also shows your employer that you’re prepared and ready to start on time should you be successful in that role.” Ben Price 

“If it’s a position you really want, having that nervousness is key to be able to put your personality across as well. I think it shows that you really care about it, but absolutely you should also have some fun with it. You’re there to have a chat, and the interviewer is human too!” Ben Price

“If they’ve said they’ll let you know in a couple of days and it’s been three days, calling them on that third day isn’t a bad thing. A lot of people think that’s a bad thing and they’re hounding people but it’s not, it’s showing eagerness.” Ben Price