Here at Tru Talent, we’re in the business of changing lives and we do this by placing great people in great jobs in both permanent and temporary positions. This month we sat down with Aimee, our head of temporary recruitment to bring you some of her insights into the temporary sector and her top tips when exploring the temporary landscape.

There is without a doubt a negative stigma surrounding temporary work in our culture today, however, we’re here to break down that stigma and show you why temporary work could be a perfect option for you. It’s common to hear people say that temporary work is unstable and not a safe or secure option but we beg to differ and would add that no job is truly secure…the pandemic taught us that.

Why temporary work could be right for you.

You may be wondering if temporary work could be a good fit for you now, in the future, or just for a season, well here are some reasons why we think temporary work could benefit you. Temp positions usually have a lower barrier to entry in the sector or company you’d like to work in. It’s a fantastic way to overcome that age-old problem of needing the experience but not having the opportunity to gain that experience. We have seen time and time again that once someone is ‘in the door’ they far exceed the expectations of both their employer and themselves and go on to grow and even progress through the company or industry.

Temporary work is a great way to earn money when a permanent commitment isn’t quite right for you, whether it’s because you want to experience an industry before committing, you’re building a business and need some extra income as it grows, maybe you have plans to travel soon, or are looking for a job that will fit the lifestyle you want to live.

Temporary work is also a fantastic way to gain a wide variety of new skills and experiences to help you power up your CV so that future employers will easily see you are hard-working, dedicated, and vital contributor to any team.

Case Study

If you’re looking for some social proof we have many success stories from our candidates of how temporary work has facilitated their growth and has got them closer to their dream job and lifestyle. We’ll give you just one example though of a candidate who came to Bournemouth with no job but with the help of Aimee, they secured their first position with a construction company working on some of the most prestigious new builds on the south coast. They then went on to be a key member of the team for a local airport during a very busy summer season where they worked across multiple areas and with different teams. They then went on to secure a fantastic position as the face of a boutique beard and skincare brand where they far exceeded the expectation of the employer but more excitedly the expectation of themselves. As you can see, in only a short amount of time this candidate had developed a much wider set of skills, experiences and grew in confidence while having a great time doing it.

What makes a great temporary candidate.

Here are Aimee’s top 5 tips to be successful in temporary work.

  • Have an idea of the type of opportunities you would be open to and the distance you’d be willing to travel as well as your availability – This helps your recruitment consultant find the best possible opportunities for you.
  • Be reliable and punctual – Being a dependable member of the team and consistent with timekeeping is the number one key to success in the temporary sector.
  • Be well presented – Know your environment and dress accordingly, we will always advise you on the most appropriate dress code for the work you will be undertaking.
  • Good communication with your recruiter and your employer – This will help you and your recruiter find and secure the best opportunity available and allow you to succeed when in the position itself.
  • A drive and passion to do great work – Bringing your best self to the table as well as lots of energy is a sure-fire way to be successful in any position.

Why use our temporary recruitment specialists.

We pride ourselves on always being deeply connected to the market and watch its ebbs and flows with great attention. We take the time to understand our candidates far beyond just your skills and experience, we go deeper to understand your goals, dreams, and even the things that may be getting in the way of achieving these. When you work with Aimee and our temporary recruitment team you get to utilise their years of experience and the great connections they already have with many fantastic businesses, they are your ‘inside man/woman’ who work on your behalf to secure you great positions with great companies. They’ll also guide you and show you the skills and experiences you have that can be pulled upon, help with tuning up your CV as well as interview preparation.

We also understand that there is great anxiety and trepidation for many people surrounding work at the moment, whether it’s those returning to work, searching for a new opportunity, or beginning their journey in the working world.

We’re here to let you know that is totally ok and completely normal to be feeling like this right now. If you’re one of those experiencing this, we want you to know you are not alone, and that we are here by your side to help.

If you’re considering temporary work or just want to explore the opportunities available reach out to Aimee and our temporary recruitment team for an informal conversation and stay tuned to our Instagram (@tru_talent_) and Facebook (@TruTalentUK) where we share tips, tricks, and insights into the job market and how you can land your dream job.