As we step into the summer months and see a little more of that much needed
sunshine, things are beginning to feel just that little bit more normal.
Many of us are now able to reconnect with friends and family and are
returning to our offices and places of work allowing us to breathe a small
sigh of relief.

We are beginning to see the market spring back into life in a fantastic way
with many new hires and new opportunities becoming available every week.
Unsurprising to some, brand new never before seen roles are emerging, this
really is such an exciting time as we see the market pick up in an
extraordinary way.

For a long time, the team here at Tru Talent has been so excited to share
some news with you and now we finally can… We are this year’s official
recruitment sponsor for the Bournemouth 7’s festival. Coming from a year
where we couldn’t be together, couldn’t dance together, play sport together
or enjoy live music together it is without a doubt going to be the best
Bournemouth 7’s yet.

Now if the term ‘Bournemouth 7’s’ has got you wondering what on earth
we’re talking about, firstly, where have you been, and secondly you’re about
to learn why we are so ecstatic to be an official sponsor this year.

Bournemouth 7’s is the world’s biggest sport and music festival that takes
place, as the name suggests, in Bournemouth in the heart of Dorset every
summer. Over 30,000 people will attend this year’s festival with 168 rugby 7’s
teams traveling from across the country and the globe to compete along with
96 netball teams, 32 hockey teams, 12 volleyball teams, and 96 dodgeball
teams, yes that’s right dodgeball… we’ve seen our fair share of ‘Average
Joe’s’ and ‘Purple Cobras’ over the years.

It’s not all about the sport though, music plays just as much a part in this
festival with more than 12 individual music venues playing everything from
party anthems to disco, drum and bass, contemporary, country, and
everything in between. If you can dance to it, you’ll probably find it at one of
the venues at Bournemouth 7’s.

Over the years the main stage has been host to music royalty such as Artful
Dodger, MistaJam, Jaguar Skills, Professor Green, Example, Fatman Scoop,
Brandon Block, and even England rugby legend James Haskell on the
turntables. This truly is a very special festival with an incredible history.

We could tell you the story of how Bournemouth 7’s came to be, how Roger
‘Dodge’ and his wife Fleur put their house and everything they had on the
line to create the first-ever Bournemouth 7’s event back in 2008. How it’s
grown and developed over the years since to become the world’s biggest
sport and music festival and why it has become an unmissable event every
year for not only the locals but for many sport and music fans across the
country. But rather than hear it from us, we encourage you to hear this
amazing story and the journey so far from the man himself in Roger’s
podcast ‘The Eventful Entrepreneur’. You’ll hear Roger’s story as well as
incredible conversations with some of the most influential people in the
world of sport and events.

Rogers story continues to inspire us and just like the team here at Tru Talent,
the Bournemouth 7’s team is small but very mighty, comprised of only 8
superstars who work year-round to make this awe-inspiring festival happen,
we should probably mention with the help of over 800 staff and crew in the
weeks leading up and for the event itself.

We are so excited for this year’s Bournemouth 7’s and even more so that we
are the official recruitment sponsor. Here’s to reconnecting again, to dancing
again, to playing sport again, and to the best Bournemouth 7s yet.
We’ll see you there!