1) Think Outside the Box – Ewww what a terrible cliché…. But clichés are usually clichés for a reason right? We’re usually up against some competition when applying for a new opportunity, therefore standing out from the crowd is so important. We jump deeper into this in our Job Whisperer Podcast but for now here are 3 top tips to help you stand out from the crowd.
• Ask yourself, how can I present myself and my CV in a way that is different and reflects my passion for this role and company?
• Remember to Be You.
• Do some digging, go guerrilla! Does the CEO love raspberry donuts? Is the hiring manager a big supercar fan? All of this info can be used to your advantage.

2) The Power of your LinkedIn Profile – Showcase your business skills, experience and achievements in your LinkedIn profile.
• The Golden Sentence – Make your ‘headline’ a powerful sentence stating who you are and what you do.
• Pick a Professional Profile Picture
• Understand LinkedIn Etiquette – LinkedIn is a little different to many other social media platforms.

3) Research Research Research – Research is a great tool to broaden your horizons of the opportunities that are just on your doorstep. In today’s digital world there is a wealth of places to go to find the information you’re looking for.
• Perform a search within LinkedIn
• Of course, a google search of your local area can show you some amazing companies and opportunities.
• Take a deep dive into company websites, their social media and their LinkedIn pages.

4) Get ahead of the Game – A big thing that could help you get ahead of the game is making sure your CV is up to date, so that any new opportunities that arise, the agent or employer can see where you have been last and makes it easier for them, some people can feel misled if the details aren’t correct on the CV. Another good tip is to log in to job boards everyday so that you are seen to be active, as a recruiter this really helps us in choosing the right people.

5) Have a Hit List – Try and make yourself a list of companies you would like to work for and begin to reach out to them. We’re blessed that we live in an age where technology and social media are a huge part of everyone’s lives, use it to your advantage. For example, if you don’t have a linked in account, have a look at making one. The professional reach you have to network and speak to your targeted people as well as people in different professions are endless.

6) Contact Recruitment Specialists – Using a recruitment specialised in your trade can have huge benefits to you as the candidate. The recruiter could already have a good working relationship with your target employers that could help you gain an introduction quicker. Another benefit to an specialised agency is being able to lean on them and ask questions or flag any issues without you feeling you would be risking your job.

7) Be Open-minded – Be ready, make yourself available for anything. If a position is offered to you then take that opportunity with open arms and be open to any new challenges that come your way. Even if it isn’t something you want to do long term, it is something to keep that money coming in to pay your bills. You never know you may genuinely enjoy the role and the company and take away some new skills that you didn’t know you had.

8) Communication is key – When working with a recruiter, any phone call could be an offer for a new position. Make sure your phone is on loud, you respond to any missed calls or messages in a timely manner and listen to what your options are. This is so important when looking for a new role as it not only gives off a good impression to the recruiter, but to your new employer, showing you care, your committed and you are interested in what they have to say. They may have questions they want to ask you to find out what type of person you are so make sure you’re prepared.

9) Presentation – Looking the part gives you the confidence to go into your next interview with a professional mind-set. It shouldn’t matter what role you are being interviewed for, it is key that you dress to impress. You can only ever make a first impression once, so if you do it well then you every possibility of getting the job. Always look your best and you will feel confident in what you say, how you feel and how you come across.