If you’re like me, your experience of being part of a podcast is or was slim to none. I’ve listened to many over the years, and of course was a die-hard Rogan fan! But listening to and creating a podcast are two very different things.

As a company we had been toying with the idea of creating a podcast to reach our audience and convey the messages and information we believed would greatly benefit both our candidates and clients. We had tried many different mediums, such as Social Media and writing articles before we landed on Podcasting.

Our issue was the depth of information we were trying to impart through mediums that just could not support it. They made the information difficult to digest. Podcasting seemed like the perfect solution to this and our MD Toni agreed, so we got the green light to move forward.

Our mission was to create a resource that would both inform and inspire our candidates and those who are currently seeking new opportunities in the market.

We wanted our podcast to leave the listener with everything they would need to know as they began their journey to land a new job, sharing our own knowledge and experience as recruitment specialists as well as some coveted inside information and our very own Tru Talent ‘Pro Tips’.

We felt that showcasing some of our own individual characters and company culture as a whole would help people become familiar with us, before deciding whether we were the right people to engage with for their Recruitment journey.

Knowing what we wanted to accomplish, and the medium we wanted to use to accomplish it, our greatest challenge was how do we actually do it? How do we begin? How do we make something great and ultimately how do we create a podcast that ads value as well as entertainment to the listener?

This was originally where our mission came to a grinding halt!

We dived into some research and quickly became overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things we needed, from obtaining the correct microphones & equipment, to the best software we should be editing with and the semantics of how it should ‘flow’ and ‘feel’ to give the listener the best possible experience.

We were surprised at the amount of contradicting information out there, and just couldn’t see the wood from the trees leaving us no idea how to proceed….

‘Enter stage left’… Podcast Labs.

Just when our Podcast dream seemed like it was becoming an ever growing nightmare, we were introduced to the team at Podcast Labs.

I have to be honest here, we didn’t really understand everything that podcast labs did at this point and how exactly they could support us in our creation, however, this soon changed.

We shared our idea with them and quickly discovered Podcast Labs knew their stuff, and shared the same value and importance as us on what and how they create, and what they are willing to put their name to. This gave us a tremendous amount of confidence in the team from the very outset.

From the finite technical aspects of mics, Software, and Editing to the Marketing and gaining the necessary exposure, the team excellently supported us. They very quickly outlined everything they could do to help us create an excellent high quality podcast, launch it with a bang, and continue to market it so that it got the exposure it needed.

So, we decided to take the leap and begin our journey with the Podcast Labs team to create our first Tru Talent podcast series…

To say it was a lot of fun is an understatement, however, we were blown away with the finished product. I can speak for the whole team now when I say we created something we were very proud of and that we believe will greatly benefit our candidates and clients alike.

I’m sure this will be the first of many Tru Talent podcast series to come as we continue to strive to discover and utilise the most powerful tools to connect, inform and inspire our candidates and clients.

To listen to our Tru Talent Podcast, you can find us on…

Our Podcast Website page… https://tru-talent.co.uk/the-job-whisperer-podcast/